“CONGRATULATIONS! I can only say “Awesome”. Hailing from the South West of England – I played on Dartmoor and recognized some of the Devon, Cornwall and Somerset locations – your commentary provided insights that I haven’t appreciated for years. Some day I’m going to have to go back and revisit them with a greater understanding and appreciation”.

GW – San Jose, CA

… it is a triumph … I wanted to watch the whole thing through again. It is so beautiful – the images keep coming back to me.
PH – Shipston-on-Stour

“… very impressed with what I have seen, my husband who is not interested in history of any subject was amazed at what he was watching”
SG – Milton Keynes

“… thankyou very much. It’s terrific – very rich. Lots of information, great pictures – I especially liked the animated re-creations. Congratulations to you and Rupert, and all concerned”.
BG – Cootamunda – AUS

“… put on the DVD that night, intending to watch about an hour, but my wife was so fascinated we watched the whole thing; it was excellent”.
NR – Coventry

“Just to say I’ve watched the pre-release DVD you sent and was very impressed by the quality of the filming, and the friendly presentation”.
DR – Isle of Man.

“Thank you for taking me on a wonderful journey in such a minimal space! How beautifully filmed and research charismatically presented in an enjoyable way that is appealing to all! The music really hits the vibe too! Congratulations on your achievement! I now need two weeks in Devon not one and I’m glad Rupert got the hang of lighting the torch!!!!”

KM – Bedfordshire

“Just to let you know I received the dvd today and I am thrilled with it! I have watched as much as I can today and everything about the documentary is superb. I am also impressed by the beautiful packaging and cards- I didnt realise they would be exclusive to the set. Wonderful!

Many thanks, I will be recommending the dvd to anyone I know that is a megalithic.”

TT – Northamptonshire

“… and huge thanks to all involved in what I think is a terrific DVD – truly inspiring. More power to you.”

TW – Kent

“My husband and I spent the last few evenings with you and Rupert exploring Neolithic sites in Great Britain. What a grand production you have made! From your interview, it seems like you two had also a splendid adventure. Thank you for recording these sites, making them available to the folks who could never travel to visit them.”

RZ – Poulsbo – WA

“… so to find such decent blokes as Rupert and Michael who clear share our passion for all the other stoney wonders of our small islands is a great thing. The fruits of their megalithic odyssey make great viewing. There is nothing amateurish about the film, even Michael’s original music is superb.”

JT – Oxfordshire

“Michael, I received my DVD and I absolutely adore it! It’s brilliant!

First, the presentation is so beautiful and impressive. I’m a graphc designer, and I love the
packaging and artwork. The postcards are fabuloius, I love that you included those.

Everything about the videography is just gorgeous. I love the intro segment that plays while the menus are being displayed. And I loved how, when taking footage of the sites you caught the natural detail, like the buck on the hill, the flowers, the clouds, the sunsets, and the birddsong. The music is perfect.

Rupert’s presentation is absolutely engaging. He’s likable and humorous, as well as knowledgeable. I really liked that he didn’t try to come off as the all-knowing expert, but more like one us who are so entranced by these sites and not abashed at showing
his wonder and awe. He expressed some ideas about site usage that I hadn’t heard before and I especially appreciate his thinking outside the circle. I really get tired of “experts” putting forth entirely speculative ideas as if they were probable answers, or focusing so much on astronomical coincidences or looking with a 20th century mindset.

The sites themselves are engrossing and beautiful and have an emotional draw for me that I can’t explain. I began being drawn to these sites in the U.K. some time
back in the 90s when I discovered there were more neolithic antiquities there than Stonehenge. And when I found out how many there were and how varied they were I became deeply fascinated. I started by falling in love with stone circles, but now am entranced with dolmens and tombs as well. And Skara Brae choked me up, I was so blown away by these dwellings.

I have made two trips totalling 10 weeks to the U.K. and have been from the tip of Cornwall to the Orkneys and Lewis, visiting most of the major sites, but certainly not all I want to see. I simply must come back and I am hoping to do that this year.

I can’t tell you how many times I teared up watching your DVD. I have no idea why I feel such a deep emotional connection with these sites, why they invoke such intense desire to be around them; no idea at all. I got married last year and my new husband has little
interest in this passion of mine, so I am hoping he’ll watch your DVD and begin to understand my passion.

My only regret in watching was that this wasn’t a whole series of DVDs covering every site in every area. I myself took 16 hours of video on my first trip alone. I’ve attached a picture I took of Carreg Samson, which I am proud to say won first prize in the 2006 photo competition on Andy Burnham’s megalithic website.

So, thank you, thank you, thank you, to you and Rupert for putting this together. It is bound to make these under-appreciated sites more known and revered, and hopefully preserved for millenia to come.”
CP – Santa Cruz – CA

… we have watched it tonight, and would like to congratulate you both on the making of a superb and wonderful film, we agree with all you both said in your interview, and feel proud to have had such wonderful ancesters,

they have left such a legacy for us all, and your film has made it accessible to anyone wishing to see all those beautiful places you took us to on your wonderous journey, thankyou most sincerely , and all the very best to you both.

Many Blessings to you,

Nigel and Elizabeth Stothard.

What a terrific presentation. Your Dvd arrived yesterday and my wife and I had to watch it immediately. We have visited many of the sites in your program (some of them more than once) and never grow tired of thinking about them. You do realize, of course, you will have to return and do a “Standing with Stones Revisited/Part 2″ where you examine some sites you “missed” in the present program as well as revisiting a few that got only brief mention. Granted, there are so many, many sites and we enthusiasts have our favorites — you can’t include them all!!! But do think seriously about producing a second program. And maybe you could address how the shape of some stones echo the curve of a distant hill or mountain (Castlerigg has this feature, as does the “zigzag” crest of the outlier stone at Gors Fawr in Wales). In closing, I want to thank you all for this program. It was extremely well done. The music was great. The computer-generated visuals were enlightening. The scenery rich and colorful. And the stones were just what they were meant to be. Thank you.


An absorbing subject, most handsomely filmed and so enthusiastically and energetically narrated that the two hours passed very quickly and entertainingly. Unfortunately we could not stay for the Q and A afterwards, and we do not have the means of playing DVDs, so as well as congratulating you both I want to ask whether you can recommend us a book or article about the Stones in some periodical where we could read about the various sites you visited – some (very few) of which we have seen – and which would help us fix your journeyings and theories better in our minds.

Hoping that this will not put you to trouble, looking forward to hearing from you and with very best wishes,



I’ve just finished watching your DVD, and wanted to tell you it was outstanding. I was riveted from beginning to end. Breathtaking scenery, and an excellent production. Thank you


Hello, i just wanted to send you a short message to say “thankyou”to Rupert and Michael. Have just watched my dvd and enjoyed every minute of it ,absolutley stunning.Unfortunatly i cant come along to Chipping Norton in April but i would have loved to have made it.I would have loved it if Swinside had got a mention but nevermind, i visited it last year and it was spectacular.The places i visit alot-Rollrights,Uffington white horse and Waylands Smithy are all on there so very special for me!.Thankyou again for this fantastic film im off to make a cup of tea and im going to watch it all again.

Kind regards and bright blessings Kay

… have received the copy of your documentary “Standing with Stones”. Thank you very much for sending me a copy. I have enjoyed it a lot. Your documentary is really top notch: superb images, pictures, the music (congratulations), everything is awesome. I would call it “Outstanding with Stones” ;-)

I have placed a couple of the postcards from inside the dvd in my studio. They are really nice and the theme “Kerlouan Sea” suits perfect!!

Thank you again and congratulations. You know where I am. If you need something more, I will be pleased on helping you.


Eduardo Tarilonte

My husband, Salvatore, and I spent the last few evenings with you and Rupert exploring Neolithic sites in Great Britain. What a grand production you have made! From your interview, it seems like you two had also a splendid adventure. Thank you for recording these sites, making them available to the folks who could never travel to visit them.

Rebecca Zambucco