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Linklight is more than just a Website It links us all to the Light. From Religion, Paganism, Tarot and Prophecy. To Life after Death, Angels, Zen and Mysticism. is a Light Link to Linking Light.
The Dolmen Grove exists as a free thinking place for individuals and Groups, Orders and Circles. Within the Grove we leave titles such as Priestess, Priest & Arch Druid on the outside when entering.
Earth Energy Network
This is an online resource for events devoted to Earth Healing, Geomancy, Earth Mysteries and Sacred Places.
Knights Rose
Knights Rose is growing to become a centre for those dedicated to the exploration and understanding of different types of energy that together make up the reality we perceive through our five senses.
Lucy Pringle’s Website
Lucy Pringle’s Crop Circle Photograph Library : Avebury Trusloe, Wiltshire, 1996
Stanton Drew
The myth of the megalithic stone circle of Stanton Drew Bristol and links to other myths of local stone circles these stones members of wedding party musicians lured by devil celebrate the Sabbath and are petrified during revels

Stones in Fields
This site is not intended to provide masses of historical or directional information about Britain’s Stones in Fields. It is designed with the serious chill seeker in mind. However, I hope to have provided enough information to enable said seekers, to actually find the sites!

Stonehenge Summer and Winter Solstice – Glastonbury festival – Avebury – pictures
Cool pics of Stonehenge Summer and Winter Solstice – Glastonbury festival – Avebury stone circle – pictures – New age events and calendar 2008 – Glasto bands and reviews – Glastonbury Festival history – top New age sites – top New age books – New age holidays – Stonehenge summer solstice 2006 pics – Stonehenge Tunnel news – sun times and moon dates – Celtic festivals – Samhain – Halloween – Beltane – valentine traditions – flower language
The Coven of the Standing Stones
The mission of the Coven of the Standing Stones is to continue to be a Family Coven that supports and educates its members thus giving us strength and courage for ourselves and to lend to the Pagan Community.
The Society of Leyhunters
The Society exists as a forum for all who are interested in Ley Lines and patterns within the landscape.
Weird Wiltshire
Welcome to Weird Wiltshire, a collection of pages about the historical, strange and mysterious side of the county…