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  Caught by the River
Caught by the River is an antitode to indifference.
  Celtic Myth Podshow
The Celtic Myth Podshow will tell you ancient tales and legends of Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall and Brittany bringing you the bravery of heroes and heroines, the magnificent pantheon of gods and goddesses and the magic and wonder of druids, faeries and folklore. It weaves together the rich, beautiful tapestry of mythological history, battles and sagas of the Celts.
  Cumbrian Castle Blog
Hundreds of posts with photos of sites from all around Cumbria and other parts of the UK, from pele towers, to castles, to stone circles and interesting buildings!
Irish mythology and storytelling
  Paul Kingsnorth
Website of Paul Kingsnorth – Author of One No, Many Yeses, the Anti Globalisation and Global Resistance book.
  The Old Fashioned Antiquarian
The Old Fashioned Antiquarian
  The Wildest Branch
Irish mythology blog.
  The Human Landscape
We live in rural Normandy. There are menhirs and dolmens everywhere. Our friends, just down the road, have a standing stone in their field. There’s another a few hundred metres from the supermarket where we do our weekly shop. So this is my new personal project – to document and explore the stones and their relationship to the landscape.