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A Cornish Sourcebook
Resources for the study of the history, archaeology, place names, maps and images of Cornwall
Thousands of UK museums, galleries, archives and libraries, all in one place.
Megaliths i am near
Find the megalithic sites near your postcode
Science And Stonehenge
Between 1993 and 1994 English Heritage funded a major archaeological project to reassess the results of the 20th century excavations at Stonehenge. The results of this project have been published in our monograph series.
Welcome to ICONS – Icons of England
English culture brought to life with reference to its cultural icons, everything from Stonehenge to a cup of tea, from the Spitfire to the King James Bible, and Punch and Judy to the Routemaster Bus.
World Timelines
Have you ever looked at an exhibit in a museum and wondered what was happening in other countries at that time? gives you the opportunity to find out.