How many Neolithic sites can you name right now?

Stonehenge … Avebury … the Rollrights?

In fact Britain has tens of thousands of stone circles, henges, barrows and dolmens, each with its own fascinating story. Whether you re familiar with most of them or have only a passing familiarity with a few, we made STANDING WITH STONES for you.

Produced and directed by myself (documentary film-maker Michael Bott) and presented by my old friend naturalist and explorer Rupert Soskin, it is a first-hand account from Rupert of a journey we took through the British Isles and Ireland, starting at the tip of Cornwall and ending on the Scottish Isles, visiting over 100 Neolithic and Bronze age monuments en route.

Beautiful to look at (the British Isles have seldom looked this good) and managing (we think) to be both enlightening and entertaining (as well as, at times, deeply moving  the ending always has my wife in tears!), the film explores the diversity and wonder of these extraordinary enigmatic structures. It also looks at some of the theories and nonsenses which attach to them.

The entire project was conceived and realised (as in filmed, edited, music specially composed and CGI graphics created) entirely by us – just us two guys with a camera, a camper van, two very understanding wives – and a passion for stones! But though we may have had a boys own adventure (which we enjoyed enormously – listen to the commentary in the DVD’s extras), we believe we’ve also produced a superb broadcast quality movie. Rupert (writer and presenter) has a deep knowledge of his subject, but also a refreshingly open-minded attitude to the  who, the  how and especially the why of the stones construction.

Rupert & Michael in a still from the DVD interview